miCustomers: Henry Unger

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

miCustomers: Henry Unger

In the spring of 2016, miEnergy installed a ground mount solar system for Saskatchewan acreage owner Henry Unger.

Unger pursued a solar system for his property after digging into the financials. He wanted to find a way in which he could isolate himself from the rising cost of energy, while doing something that would be beneficial for the surrounding community beyond his lifetime.

His system contains 30 solar panels that produce 9.3 kW of energy.

Through three years of his fully operational solar system, Unger is more than pleased with the results it has produced.

In this video, Unger speaks to his thoughts on solar and his experience with our team.


MiEnergy would like to thank Unger for taking the time to share his customer experience story with us!