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Solar power is the most efficient and economical alternative energy resource for residential and commercial property owners. Utilizing the sun’s natural energy gives us access to an unlimited supply of clean, renewable energy that is practically free after the solar panels have been installed. No longer having to pay your monthly electricity bills translates to years of monetary savings and protection against rising electricity costs in the future.

miEnergy has been a trusted name in the solar power industry since 2000. Our team of trained and experienced professionals brings more than 30 years of combined experience, and we have successfully completed over 1,700 projects across western Canada. We take pride in the strong partnerships we have established with our residential and commercial clients.

We are passionate about helping home and business owners save money while bringing positive change to the world through high quality, high performance solar power systems. Our team is comprised of the best professionals in the solar energy industry, and we stand behind our expertise. If the performance of the solar panels is not what we estimated, we will pay you.

Residential Solar Power – Regina

For homeowners in Regina, rising electricity bills is a growing concern. Every year, the cost of electricity increases, and with this brings uncertainty with regards to the energy prices of the future. By converting to solar electricity, you’re providing yourself with an unparalleled peace of mind and freedom from monthly electricity bills.

Switching to solar electricity is a great long-term investment for Regina homeowners. Once your solar panels have been installed, you can start benefitting from free energy consumption. Within your first 20 years of using solar energy, you can expect to save approximately $14,000. A solar system’s lifespan ranges from 30 to 40 years and requires little maintenance, making this a smart investment for property owners who intend to enjoy their free energy for years to come.

There are also advantages for homeowners who plan to sell their properties a few years down the road, after they’ve installed solar panels. Regina home buyers are increasingly looking for homes and other properties that offer energy-saving features, making your solar-equipped property an attractive option. What’s more is that solar panels raise the value of your residential property by approximately $20,000, which means that your investment cost will be recouped upon the sale of your home, and all of the energy you consumed before then will have been free of charge.

Solar Power for Commercial Use – Regina

Deciding to use solar energy to power your business will not just result in lower operating costs, it will also lead to more loyal consumers who prefer brands that are passionate about protecting the environment.

Business owners in Regina enjoy substantial savings when they invest in a commercial photovoltaic system. Using solar energy to power a business can significantly reduce and even eliminate electricity overhead. Switching to solar power, Regina business owners can look forward to having their operating costs reduced and their cash flow improved. Photovoltaic (PV) systems are fixed and durable, so there will be little additional cost for maintenance.

Use the positive impact of clean, renewable energy as a marketing advantage for your business. When consumers see that your business is taking steps for the welfare of the environment, this adds to your brand’s appeal.

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