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Solar energy has become the favoured renewable energy alternative to fossil fuels for several reasons. For one, it helps reduce utility costs, because solar power is practically free after solar panels have been installed. Another popular reason is the positive environmental impact that you can have when you switch this energy form. Using a solar energy system to generate electricity is equivalent to planting 2,500 trees!

By opting to switch to solar power, Winnipeg residential and commercial property owners will enjoy substantial savings on electricity. Considering the fact that utility bills continue to increase every year, you will appreciate how much you can save with solar panels. Winnipeg homeowners can expect approximately $14,000 in monthly savings within the first 20 years.

If you’re considering investing in solar panels for your property, look no further than one of the most trusted companies in the solar energy industry, miEnergy. We have been serving residential and commercial property owners since 2000, and have successfully completed more than 1,500 projects during that time. Our team has a combined renewable energy experience of more than 30 years, and we are dedicated to designing and installing only the best solar power systems in Winnipeg.

At miEnergy, we see to it that the installation of your solar power system is completed on time, so you can start benefitting from the savings that your new energy source will provide. We also guarantee the performance of your solar system. We offer a 10-year workmanship guarantee, and provide regular monitoring and maintenance services to ensure that your solar panels are at their best performance levels throughout their estimated 30 to 40 year lifespan.

Residential Solar Energy – Winnipeg

miEnergy installs superior quality solar panels for homeowners in Winnipeg. With solar energy, you can take advantage of the abundant supply of power from the sun and stop worrying about the yearly energy rate increase. Once we’ve finished installing your residential solar system, your energy consumption is practically cost-free. The photovoltaic panels are sturdy and can last for several decades with little maintenance.

Using solar panels to generate electricity for your home also adds value to your residential property. Generally, a property powered by a solar system can be sold for an additional $20,000. Being an energy efficient home, potential buyers will be willing to purchase your property at a higher price. Just think about it; with a solar power system already installed in the house, electricity is free the moment they move in! If you’re a homeowner who is planning to sell their residential property in the future, the value solar adds will allow you to recoup the money you invested when you had the system installed.

If you’re considering switching to solar energy, Winnipeg homeowners can take advantage of several financing and leasing options that are fair and flexible. We guarantee that there will be no hidden or additional charges. After your solar system has been fully paid, your electric consumption is entirely free.

Solar Power – Winnipeg Commercial Spaces

Commercial property owners can gain significantly from switching to photovoltaic power as their main source of energy. Choosing to shift from traditional electricity to solar energy would eliminate electricity overhead expenses and consequently reduce your property’s operating costs, improving your cash flow. If you have any vacant space on your property, such as on your rooftop or land, you can use this space to have your commercial solar system installed.

Shifting to solar power not only contributes to lower operating costs, it also helps protect the environment. Using the sun’s renewable and sustainable energy means less greenhouse gas emissions produced and released into the atmosphere. In this day and age, where global warming and climate change are serious issues to be addressed, opting for clean energy is not just about cost savings.

Business decisions that positively impact the world we live in are very appealing to consumers. Another advantage that comes with the use of this clean energy is that once people learn about your advocacy for the earth, your brand becomes more attractive. More and more consumers are becoming environmentally-conscious and are choosing to support brands that share their values.

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