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Solar power is the best alternative energy source to fossil fuels. Channelling the renewable energy from the sun, years of energy supply can be generated without producing harmful waste. Solar energy also offers substantial economic savings, because the energy you use costs practically nothing after you’ve paid for the installation of your solar panel. What’s more is that your solar system will require little maintenance over the course of its 30 to 40-year lifespan.

When it comes to solar energy, Edmonton home and commercial property owners can rely on miEnergy to provide you with superior quality solar system design and installation. We have been operating since 2000, and have successfully completed more than 1,700 projects in that time. With over 30 years of combined renewable energy experience, our team of dedicated professionals have built strong partnerships with our clients through the quality of our work, our commitment to timelines, and our work ethics.

Exceptional customer service is what sets us apart from other solar companies. We make sure that every single client is completely satisfied with our work and with the performance of their solar energy system. We provide a 10-year workmanship guarantee, as well as regular monitoring and maintenance of your solar power system after installation has been completed. Our solar company’s commitment to delivering quality photovoltaic systems comes with a promise: If the performance of the solar panels is not what we estimated, we will pay you.

Residential Solar Energy – Edmonton

By investing in solar panels, Edmonton homeowners can begin to experience greater savings every month. Solar energy is the best option for Edmonton homeowners who want to stop worrying about the constantly rising costs of electricity. By switching to solar power, your energy usage is practically free after our solar company has installed your solar panels. Within the first 20 years, you can expect to save roughly $14,000.

Homeowners who plan to sell their houses in the future can also benefit in a big way, when they have solar panels installed on their properties. Equipping your home with solar can increase the property value by $20,000. Considering that this increase is about the same amount that would be spent on the installation of your solar system, you will have already recouped your investment in photovoltaic power.

Every year, utility costs increase, and investing in quality solar panels from miEnergy is the most economical route for Edmonton homeowners who wish to save money in the long run. If you’re considering making the switch to solar, there are several financing and leasing options of which you can take advantage. The monthly loan payments may be lower than what you used to spend on your monthly electricity bills, and once your solar system has been paid off, your energy consumption will be totally free.

Solar Power – Edmonton Commercial Spaces

Edmonton commercial property owners can take advantage of the sun’s limitless supply of energy by investing in a solar panel system. Shifting to photovoltaic energy lowers your operating costs significantly, helping to improve your cash flow. You do not have to purchase or lease additional space for your solar installation, either, because you can have your solar system mounted in or on any unused space on your property, including your roof or property. Solar systems are fixed and durable and can last as long as 40 years, so there is no need to allocate funds for regular maintenance.

While opting to use solar power helps to reduce a business’ overhead, this is not the only advantage that this renewable source provides. When you switch to this renewable and sustainable energy, you help prevent tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from being produced and released into the atmosphere, and taking steps to protect the environment gains approval from consumers, helping to improve your brand image and reputation.

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