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Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Why It's Time to Go Geo

Save money, increase the value of your home and lead the way in innovation. Geothermal heating and cooling systems use the earth’s temperature to remove heat from buildings during the summer and supply heat in the winter. In summer, heat pumps are used to extract heat energy and deposited deep in the ground, later used to increase the efficiency of your system during the winter months.

Enjoy year round comfort at a fraction of the cost

Geothermal Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba

By investing in Geothermal, Saskatchewan homeowners and residents in Alberta and Manitoba can benefit significantly as utility costs continue to rise. In as little as a few years, you will be able to recoup the costs you incurred for the installation of your geothermal system.

With a properly installed geothermal heating system, the loops buried in the ground can last for decades without requiring maintenance. The rest of the geothermal system is located indoors, so it is not exposed to the elements that might cause wear and tear and the entire system doesn’t take up much space.

With more and more potential home buyers looking for residential properties that have energy saving features such as geothermal, Saskatchewan homeowners consider a geothermal installation to be an investment rather an expense. This type of heating and cooling system can actually add value to your home, should you consider selling it in the future.

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