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By going solar, you are locking in low predictable energy costs while utility rates continue to rise. If you’ve ever thought about generating your own power, now is the time to do it. Several energy companies ready to help foot the bill for you switching to solar. The southern portions of the prairie provinces have the best solar energy potential in Canada – take advantage! Plus the federal government will help foot the bill for your installation.


Greener Homes Grants Fund

Grants of up to $5,000 are available to help homeowners make energy efficient retrofits to their homes. EnerGuide evaluations, which is a requirement for your retrofit, are also funded up to $600. In addition to homeowners, Indigenous governments or organizations can also apply. Don’t delay! There are a limited number of grants to be distributed.

For those who have been considering solar for their home, this is a great time to take the next step in the process.


Interest-Free Loans

The Federal government is also providing interest free loans of up to $40,000 for homeowners and landlords who undertake retrofits identified through an authorized EnerGuide energy assessment. 

  • Interest free loans of up to $40,000 
  • Helps homeowners complete deep home retrofits
  • Launched in summer 2021

Green and Inclusive Community Buildings program

Over the next five years, the Canadian government is committing $1.5 billion to support green and accessible retrofits, repairs or upgrades of existing public community buildings and new community buildings for underserved communities. miEnergy can lend a hand with the application process and gather data from RETScreen® Expert software to calculate your building’s baseline energy consumption. 

  • Projects that will achieve at least 25% in energy efficiency improvements compared to the baseline are more likely to be selected for funding
  • Applications for projects under $3 million are being accepted through a continuous intake stream.
  • These small-medium sized projects are evaluated on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Read our blog or download the one-pager for more information about who is eligible and how to apply.

Federal Tax Incentive for Clean Energy Equipment

The Government of Canada makes solar projects easier to undertake by providing business income tax incentives. Businesses can also use a federal tax incentive to fully expense clean energy generation and energy efficiency equipment. 

  • This means a CCA rate of 100% and the abolishment of the first-year rule
  • Contact our solar advisors to learn more

SaskPower and Utility Programs

With solar power,  you’re locking in your energy costs and providing yourself with peace of mind as utility prices increase. In the last three decades, utility rates have gone up an average of 6%, meaning your savings will continue to grow. SaskPower has a goal to reduce emissions by 40% from 2005 levels by 2030.

Net Metering Program

  • SaskPower, Saskatoon Light & Power, Swift Current Light & Power all participate in a Net Metering program. This program allows home owners and farmers to make their own power and save money while doing it. 
  • When you make your own power you don’t have to buy as much from SaskPower and if you make too much you’ll get credit that carry over to your next month’s bill.

Power Generation Partner Program

  • SaskPower’s Power Generation Partner Program allows you to make power and then sell it back to them. Solar generation projects must be 100 kW up to and including 1 MW. 
  • You can submit applications for more than one project but the total power generated from all renewable projects must be 1 MW or less. 
  • Visit SaskPower’s website through the link below to learn more about program costs, energy prices and technical requirements.

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