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Calling farmers and businesses! Did you know that federal tax incentives allow you to depreciate your solar system cost at an appreciated rate, meaning even more savings on your system. Our goal is to provide the most value for your investment. That’s why we take over the process of applying applicable incentives to your system from start to finish.

Incentives where you live


Alberta has some big goals in place to increase the portion of energy consumption that comes from renewable sources. This means there are several energy companies ready to help foot the bill for you switching to solar.


In the last three decades, utility rates have continued to rise, meaning your savings will continue to grow. SaskPower has a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, and they’ll pay you to be a part of it.


Energy rates continue to rise year over year. Lock in your payments and keep your costs predictably low. The southern portions of the prairie provinces have the best solar energy potential in Canada—put it to use!

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The energy transition is here, and new incentives are emerging.

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