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miEnergy is comprised of a team of professional, dedicated individuals with over 30 years of combined experience in renewable energy. We started our company in 2000 and have built a positive reputation in the solar energy industry. Our team takes pride in having successfully completed over 1,700 projects throughout Western Canada, including Saskatoon.

We are committed to designing and installing high quality solar power systems in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Our project managers and installation professionals are the best in the business, and guarantee that your solar power system will be installed on the date we agreed upon, and that your solar panels will perform as they should.

With miEnergy, Saskatoon homeowners can rest assured that their solar power system is always performing at an optimal level. Beyond the 10-year workmanship guarantee that we offer, we also provide regular monitoring and maintenance services to our residential and commercial customers. When your system is installed by our reliable and skilled professionals, we guarantee that your solar panels will produce what we estimate in the analysis.

Residential Solar Energy – Saskatoon

Solar energy is the most efficient alternative energy for Saskatoon homeowners. After your system has been installed, your solar power usage is essentially free, and you will continue to enjoy a supply of clean, sustainable power.

Electricity rates continue to increase every year, which makes it even more appealing for Saskatoon homeowners to invest in quality solar panels from miEnergy. For those who are ready to switch to solar energy, there are several financing and leasing options available. Even with a loan, your payments may be lower than your previous monthly electricity bills, and once you’ve fully paid your loan, there’s nothing but savings to enjoy.

Installing solar panels at your home adds value, especially as a growing number of home buyers prefer to purchase residential properties with energy saving features. With solar panels, Saskatoon homeowners will add approximately $20,000 to their property’s value, an amount that off-sets the cost of the initial installation.

Solar Power – Saskatoon Commercial Spaces

One of the biggest concerns for business owners is how they can control their overhead, including electricity costs. By moving to solar energy, business owners in Saskatoon can look forward to lower operating costs and an increase in cash flow as energy expenses are taken off the balance sheets. Installing solar panels for a business or commercial property is not complicated and typically makes use of the space on a building’s rooftop or property. Once installed, solar systems require very little to no maintenance.

Another reason businesses are choosing to switch to this renewable energy source is that it helps protect the environment. Like many other Canadians, Saskatoon consumers are becoming more conscious of the negative effects of carbon emissions on the well-being of our planet, and building a reputation as a company that’s working to protect the earth is a positive for your brand. You can rely on our team to make your transition to solar energy a smooth one, maximizing your savings and helping you take a giant step toward more sustainable operations.

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