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Power is a core input in your operation. Lock it in with solar.

Farmers need a constant and reliable source of energy. As the sun feeds and nourishes your crops, why not leverage it to power your farm, too? Solar is an investment that pays, year after year. For as long as the sun is shining, your power source will be renewable, sustainable and financially responsible.

Add Power to Your Harvest

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From concept to completion, miEnergy manages your complete solar project. We have experience implementing solar with all types of farms across Western Canada. Agricultural practices are constantly developing, have your power source be as innovative as your farm.

Whether you are an individual grower, crop consultant or large enterprise, miEnergy’s professional team of agricultural solar solution experts can design the perfect project for your farm.

Power Pledge

Choosing miEnergy means you can implement renewable energy, risk-free, backed by our Power Pledge guarantee.



Our goal is to provide the most value for your investment. We take over the process of applying applicable incentives to your system, from start to finish.

The Benefits of Implementing Agricultural Solar Power

Low maintenance costs

Solar energy systems generally don’t require much maintenance. After covering the initial cost of the solar system, you can expect very little spending on maintenance and repair work.

Decrease electricity bills

Save hundreds of dollars every year off your utilities. The monthly loan payment often costs less than your old power bill! These monthly savings continue to rise as power rates continue to increase year over year.

Isolate from future rising power costs

Power companies continue to increase energy rates. With a new carbon tax and aging infrastructure, this cost is likely to continue to trend upwards. Going solar allows you to isolate yourself from future power increases.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Generating electricity from coal is the most emission-intensive way to produce energy today. Do your part in combating climate change by switching your farm to solar power.

Our Projects

G-Series (Ground Mount)

The miEnergy ground mount systems are custom designed, built to last and look great. We use 18 ft I-beams and a specialized post pounding machine to ensure your system is built to last, engineered to withstand our harsh prairie climate.

Once the solar panels are installed, our customers don’t have to worry about maintaining their system. Our systems are maintenance-free and can last up to 40 years. If in time your energy requirements increase, miEnergy can install additional solar panels.

Built to last with 18 ft I-beams

Highly efficient with 72 cell modules

Aesthetically pleasing with clampless racking

“MiEnergy has been professional from start to finish with excellent communication about timelines and how our solar project would unfold. Any questions we had were quickly answered and we are pleased to partner with MiEnergy — a company whose vision and mission align with ours.”

Melanie Boldt
Pine View Farms, 50 kW groundmount system

“Saskatoon’s miEnergy crew did a great job of installation even with a few challenges. It was great to finally have the system turned on and see the meter spin backwards, harvesting energy from the sun.”

Darrell Morvik
Morvik Farms, 21 kW roofmount system

“I spent a lot of time doing my research on which solar contractor to work with. I even went in for a visit to miEnergy make sure they were of high character. They were able to get my panels up and running early in the construction season. I couldn’t be happier.”

Dr. Doug Russell
17,74 kW groundmount system

Solarize your community

Benefits for the neighbourhood

We believe in the power of community. That’s why we offer big savings to neighbours who purchase multiple systems during the same period. The more neighbours who participate, the more everyone saves.

Over 2000 projects across Western Canada

We are passionate about renewable energy.

miEnergy has designed and installed over 2000 projects in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Choosing miEnergy means you can implement renewable energy, risk-free, backed by our Power Pledge guarantee.

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