Why Opportunity Cost is Your Greatest Solar Expense

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

The biggest cost you’ll pay for solar power is the missed opportunity of not investing. Owning your own power means increasing your investment returns and decreasing your expenses – a smart financial move. With rising utility costs and miEnergy’s guaranteed return on investment for your solar power system, the longer you spend renting from your power utility, the more you’ll pay in the long run.

How do we guarantee your investment in solar power?
After 16 years and over $30+ million dollars in utility savings for our customers, we are confident in our calculations for your solar power system.

We’re so confident that every miEnergy power system comes with a 10-year production guarantee. That’s our Power Pledge to you.

How does our 10-year Power Pledge work?

When we design your solar panel system, we promise you a particular level of power production, and we stand behind that quote. If your panels don’t produce the electricity we promise, we’ll pay the difference. Guaranteed.

First, we’ll calculate your total investment for installation. Second, we’ll tell you exactly what your system will produce and how much you will save on power. On top of that, we’ll calculate the rebates and incentives that you’re entitled to (and we’ll do the paperwork to make sure you receive those benefits).

What does a 10 year Power Pledge mean for you?

When we forecast your investment, your power production and your savings, you’ll know exactly what you’ll spend and what you’ll save.

No risk. No surprises. Have peace of mind and invest in your power system with confidence.

Getting started with solar power is easy. Request your FREE quote from miEnergy to find out exactly what you’ll spend and how much you stand to save. Leave us your details below, and one of our Energy Advisors will be in touch.

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