Trends in Solar Energy

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Solar energy and solar power/photovoltaic (PV) systems intrinsically represent technological innovation and advancement. As the renewable energy industry has advanced, however, so has the solar industry. Over time, solar power systems have seen advancements or improvements in panel construction, usage, and installation, power storage, pricing, battery options, and more. These advancements have led to trends that change with the times. Below are a few trends pushing the solar energy market even further in 2019.

Enhancing Property Values

Solar power systems are increasing property values more than ever before. This is especially true for homeowners. Solar arrays help save homeowners money, thus driving up a home’s current and resale value. Since solar panels quickly pay for themselves, most buyers are willing to make the investment. Plus, pre-installed panels means the buyer won’t have to setup or pay for installation.

Advancements in Energy Storage

In the solar power industry, the greatest strides have been made in improving energy usage and storage. Systems are becoming better at generating and storing energy. In 2019, there are several solar projects aimed at increasing energy storage at lower prices. If you’re wondering: “are solar panels worth it?”the new storage solutions could answer your question. The aim of these storage advancements is to make PV systems more efficient and affordable. Thus, system owners will have access to better technology at lower prices. Additionally, companies like Tesla continue to offer more advanced and more affordable storage battery options, such as the Powerwall. Improved storage options are accompanied by improved inverter options making storage an even more streamlined process.

Improvements in Pricing

In 2019, solar panels, energy storage, installation, and usage are set to become even more affordable. The model is that as more home and business owners use solar energy, the more cost-effective it becomes. This is a trend that has remained steady over the past decade. In fact, the prices of PV systems have decreased almost yearly since 2010. The systems’ popularity will continue to contribute to their affordability. More PV systems equals a greater drop in costs per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

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