Things to Consider Before Installing a Solar Energy System

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Solar energy systems offer a wide variety of benefits that can make the decision to install a solar system at your home or business an easy one. There are, however, several things you should consider before installing a system. These considerations will help you understand where to place the panels, if you’re a good candidate for a system, and how to derive the best value from your system.

Maximize Your Home’s Potential

Homes with south-facing roofs are perfect for solar arrays, as they offer the greatest sun exposure. On the other hand, although they offer less exposure and lower energy production, east and west facing roofs are also suitable for solar panels. Sloped roofs provide optimal surface area for panels, and sunny areas provide optimal conditions for power generation. Roofs that aren’t blocked by trees or other obstructions are also perfect for solar arrays. If you know how solar energy works then you know that obstructions can lower energy production. Homeowners with homes that match any, all or a combination of these criteria, should consider maximizing their home’s potential by installing solar panels.

Learn About Special Incentives

Solar incentives are an important part of the process when it comes to buying and installing a solar system, because understanding the incentives available to you can help determine your return on investment (ROI). In Canada, incentives are offered per province. Although Canada doesn’t offer a federal tax credit for solar system installations, provinces like Alberta, and Saskatchewan rebate incentives.

Reduce Your Energy Usage

Something that many home and business owners don’t realize is that taking steps to improve their energy efficiency could help to reduce the size of the array that’s required to power their home or business. Things like upgrading old appliances to energy efficient models, switching to energy efficient light bulbs and using smart power strips are great ways to reduce energy usage and save money.

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