Energy Storage

Storing solar energy to power your home

miEnergy is proud to be a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

Tesla Powerwall is an energy storage device that allows you to store solar energy to power your home. You can use it as a backup solution or offset the high-cost energy tiers charged by the power provider. Powerwall has the ability to provide 5 kW of continuous power, with storage capabilities up to 13.5 kWh.

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Compact and simple - Powerwall is a completely automated system that installs easily and requires no maintenance.

Self-Powered Home

Combine Powerwall with your solar to harvest your own energy and minimize your reliance on the grid.

Backup Power

Protect your home from a power outage with seamless and reliable backup power.

Touch Safe & Weatherproof

Powerwall is built to withstand the elements – from kids to pets, water to dust, the system will be ready to perform.

Home Energy Monitoring

Manage and monitor your home energy use in real-time with the Tesla mobile app.

Self-Powered Home

Powerwall plus solar allows customers to produce, store and consume their own energy.
● Rather than sending their excess solar energy to the grid during peak solar production, customers store that energy in Powerwall.
● Then, customers can use that stored energy later in the day or in the evening to power their home when solar is no longer producing energy. This increases the amount of renewable energy that they are using to directly power their home.
● In conclusion, solar paired with Powerwall will drastically reduce a customers reliance on the grid.

Backup Power

Powerwall’s Backup Gateway detects an outage and alerts Powerwall to provide power. The solar inverter will detect voltage/frequency and will continue to work. In backup mode, solar keeps generating power for the home and charging Powerwall. This provides seamless backup, even during extended outages!
● Customers will not detect a loss of power. Lights won’t flicker and clocks won’t need to be reset.
● Powerwall can disconnect from the grid and restore power to your home in under a second. That is 100x faster than a typical standby generator and fast enough to keep clocks and appliances running without interruption.
● With Powerwall, you can protect your home with seamless and reliable backup power, as the sun will come up each day to power the home and recharge Powerwall.

Home Energy Monitoring

● The Tesla mobile app allows customers to monitor and manage all of Tesla’s products, from Powerwall and solar to any of Tesla’s electric vehicles.
● Customers will also be able to see how much energy their solar array is producing, how much energy they are consuming from the grid, and how much they are consuming from or sending to Powerwall
● Every day they can see how self-powered they were, right on their Tesla Mobile app
● Customers can download the Tesla mobile app once their Powerwall is installed and online
● It’s fully programmable, they can select between Self Powered or Backup Only mode
● They can also set the amount of energy Powerwall reserves in case of utility outages. In anticipation of bad weather, a homeowner can increase the reserve of Powerwall to power their home through an outage
● Many people are concerned about managing their power and energy usage during a power outage. Tesla’s mobile app will help customers see how much power they are consuming from Powerwall at any given moment in time.

How many Powerwalls would you need? Some homes need more than one Powerwall, depending on their backup preferences. Our Energy Advisors are here to help.