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Utility Solar Power

Clean, Reliable and Stable Energy

Built to perform through harsh winters and dry summers, our utility solar power solutions reduce operational and scalable costs while minimizing the carbon footprint. Let our team of experts deliver your utility-scale project.

The Price of Sunlight is 0

Build a stable source of energy that won’t fluctuate in costs depending on the day of the week. While the definition of utility solar power fluctuates, miEnergy defines utility scale solar as any grid connected solar facility 10MW and greater with a PPA (Power purchase agreement) with a utility company.

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Why go Solar?

Clean Energy

Feel good about the energy you consume. Solar power is 96% cleaner than coal and 92% cleaner than natural gas.

Lower and Predictable Costs

Solar power generates a constant source of electricity at a fixed-price rate and avoid higher costs during peak demand periods.


Solar power works with a reliable and predictable energy source. Like you can count on the sun to come up in the morning, you can count on your light switch.


Many provinces and municipalities offer incentives for switching to solar solutions. See our incentive pages or reach out directly.

Power Purchase Agreement

A power purchase agreement (PPA), or electricity power agreement, is a contract between two parties, one which generates electricity (the seller) and one which is looking to purchase electricity (the buyer). The PPA contains all the details about the terms of the agreement, including when power production will begin, delivery schedule, payment terms and more. At its core, a power purchase agreement is a legal contract between an electricity generator and a power purchaser.

Beyond the direct short-term financial benefits, installing utility solar power can also help your community to hedge against electricity price volatility and inflation. Utility-scale solar creates jobs across the supply chain, from research and development and engineering to manufacturing and project finance to development and construction. And with MiEnergy, those jobs are created in your neighbourhood. Get in touch with us to see if your project is of the right scale to be a utility solar project.

The future is green. The future is bright. The future is solar.


Who Can Use Utility Solar Power?

The minimum requirements are close to 10 acres of usable land, and proximity to three phase power lines. It’s best to contact us to discuss the project in further detail if you have the space. Southern parts of the province are the best for utility solar installations as it’s sunnier, but further north locations often qualify as well.



The Alberta government aims to have 30% of the province’s electricity generated by renewable energy by 2030. Lead the way.

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SaskPower has set a target of 50% of generation capacity from renewables by 2030. Be a part of the change.

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Manitoba aims to be carbon-neutral by 2080 and is a leader in renewable energy. Bring solar energy to friendly Manitoba.

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No One Does Utility Solar Power Like MiEnergy

As electricity costs continue to rise, the debate over climate change rages and concerns over emissions and pollution mount, utility solar power offers a clean, renewable alternative to unpredictable fossil fuels. Utility-scale solar plants provide the benefit of fixed-priced electricity during peak demand periods.

Utility scale is when the electricity is sold to wholesale utility buyers, not end-use consumers. miEnergy is one of the largest most, established solar construction companies in Western Canada. Trust us to take on utility-scale solar projects because of our track record. We self perform 90% of utility scale projects in-house, meaning less variable, less risk and bigger returns. No matter where we are, we use local labour so you can rest easy knowing you’re employing your neighbours. And once the project is complete, we won’t leave you hanging — we have local maintenance and service contracts for hire to keep your system running optimally.

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