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Residential Solar Power

Save Money, Increase Your Home's Value

miEnergy will help you transition to clean, renewable energy while providing an enviable return on your investment. Save money while increasing the value of your home and decreasing your carbon footprint—that’s a win-win-win scenario.

What Can A Solar Home Do For Me?

Solar power continues to gain popularity among homeowners, and it’s no surprise as to why— this alternative energy source offers so many advantages and has recently come into the spotlight. In Western Canada, we enjoy an abundant supply of sunlight, making it ideal for homeowners to invest in residential solar panels. Whether your motivations for going solar are economic, environmental, social or personal, miEnergy will help you transition seamlessly with home solar panels.

Isolate from future rising power costs. Power companies continue to increase energy rates. With a new carbon tax and aging infrastructure looming, this cost is likely to continue to trend upwards. Going solar allows you to isolate yourself from future power increases.

Increase your property value. The average solar panel installation can add approximately $20,000 to your home’s worth or increase your property value by up to 4%. This amount can be enough to cover the installation costs of solar panels. If you ever decide to sell your property, you will find that more and more buyers are looking for homes with solar panels.


The Benefits of a Residential Solar System

Decrease electricity bills

Save hundreds of dollars every year off your utilities. The monthly loan payment often costs less than your old power bill! These savings continue to rise as power rates increase year over year.

Invest in Innovation

Be a leader in change with a miEnergy residential solar system - be the first on your block to adopt this cutting-edge technology.

Social impact

Solar power is a highly visible and measurable commitment to the environment, and can help others consider doing the same. Help combat climate change by switching your home to solar power.

Own your power

Stop renting your power! While paying for your power, build an asset to show for your investment. Once the system is paid for, you are power bill free!

What will my solar system look like?

R-Series (Roof Mount)

miEnergy strives to provide roof systems that not only function exceptionally well but are also aesthetically pleasing. Our standard design consists of mono-crystalline 60 cell modules, as well as a black backsheet and frame. Rail-less racking and black skirting at the front guarantee a product that looks great on your home.

Once the solar panels are installed, homeowners don’t have to worry about maintaining their system. Our systems are maintenance-free and can last up to 40 years. If, in time, your energy requirements increase, miEnergy can install additional solar panels.

Over 1700 projects across Western Canada

Professionally designed and installed

miEnergy has designed and installed over 1700 projects in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Choosing miEnergy means you can implement renewable energy, risk-free, backed by our Power Pledge guarantee. That means when we come and check out your space and tell you how much power you can expect to get from one of our solar panel systems, it’s not just lip service—we guarantee our knowledge.

Hear what our customers are saying

We pride ourselves on achieving the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

I just got a 4.32 kW solar system installed on my new build. Very impressed with the timely and efficient communication. I chose miEnergy because - based on my research - they seem to be the most progressive solar company in Saskatoon. I'm excited to start generating!

Cheryl McDougall

4.3 kW roofmount system

I got a 10 panel 3.3 Kw system installed at my cabin and I love it. I am set up with the net metering program and the system that miEnergy installed for me will pay for itself! As far as the staff at miEnergy I was very impressed with their commitment to my project. They were thorough and quick with their quote and answered every question I had through the process with detail and passion! I will get them to do my house when I am ready and I highly recommend them to anyone!

Dave Pura

3.3kW roof-mount system

Just had our 18-panel system installed this summer. Everything went exactly as miEnergy said. Their staff was professional and polite. It was completely hassle free and were happy with the output so far. All the staff were great but special thanks to Nathan, Brennan and Josh.

Janine and Billy Maruskiak

6 kW groundmount system

Switching to residential solar power is the equivalent of preserving five acres of forest.

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