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Solarize Your Community

Benefits for the neighbourhood

We believe in the power of community. That’s why we offer big savings to neighbours who purchase multiple systems during the same period. The more neighbours who participate, the more everyone saves. Learn more about how the miEnergy Solar Your Community program works and how you can qualify.

Benefits of Community Solar

No property space necessary

A shared solar system allows homeowners who live in condos or apartments without an obstruction free southern roof exposure to invest in solar.

Produce Cheaper Power

Increasing and standardizing large installations reduces the cost, making the economics of solar even stronger. Combining resources allows communities the ability to generate economies of scale.

Protect from rising power costs

Power companies across the country have increased rates drastically since 2006. With a new carbon tax and aging infrastructure looming, this cost is likely to continue to trend upwards. Lock in with Solar.

Protect the environment

The average solar system saves 2,500 trees, or the same as driving 450,000 km. You can help create a brighter tomorrow for future generations while saving money.

What Type of Ownership is Right for Your Community?

There are many different models that can be effective for community solar even above and beyond individual and group ownership. We have used models where a community will get special pricing when purchasing as a group, offering you great benefit when implementing community solar power. In this model, each farmer bought their own solar system for their farm. Other models include building one larger system that a group of individuals can invest in together, each investor owning a percentage or a number of panels.

Adoption rates are incredibly high in areas that already have solar power. One street in Saskatoon now has six installations by miEnergy! Working with neighbours to come together can make your solar dreams a reality.

Individual Ownership

A large solar project co-owned by individuals and businesses who share in the financial benefits of transitioning to solar.

Group Ownership

A larger solar project co-owned by a group of people or businesses who share in the electricity produced.

Community Ownership

A large solar project owned by a city, town or municipality who uses the electricity produced on a community asset like a rink, community center or municipal building.

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