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Green is the new black, and we don’t just mean the environment—effective solar solutions will keep more green in your wallet. Homeowners, municipalities, companies, farmers and more are installing solar panel systems to take advantage of this clean, renewable way to generate power. miEnergy is one of the leading solar energy companies in Western Canada, delivering innovative solutions that transform the traditional to the innovative.

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Solar is an effective alternative to fossil fuels for generating energy, and it’s an ideal solution for homeowners, commercial properties, and communities. Once the solar panels are installed, solar power provides a supply of clean, renewable energy and savings that continue to grow.

For more than 19 years, miEnergy has been the top choice among geothermal and solar panel companies, providing energy solutions for more than 1,700 residential and commercial clients, as well as communities throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our team is passionate about creating positive change in the world and we are dedicated to helping people make the switch to clean solar and geothermal energy.

When you buy solar panels, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan residents and commercial property owners can generate significant savings each month from their solar power system. Utility rates will only continue to rise, but investing in solar panel installation with miEnergy will give you peace of mind.