20 kW, Prince Albert, SK 2017

Solarize Your Community

Benefits for the neighborhood

We believe in the power of community.

That’s why we offer big savings to neighbours who purchase multiple systems during the same period. The more neighbours who participate, the more everyone saves.

How do I qualify

The miEnergy Solarize Your Community program is open to customers installing a single project each.

Installations must be:

In the same community or neighbourhood and larger than 5kW’s net metered

Length of Program

Community programs will run for 30 days from the time it is registered.

How to Apply

An application form must be filled out by the Community Lead and submitted to miEnergy. Residents must indicate their interest in the Community program prior to receiving a quote to be eligible for enrollment.

How does it work?

  1. Register the community/neighbourhood
    miEnergy will work with a community representative to get all interested parties registered with miEnergy. This “Community Lead” will realize additional savings.
  2. Educate
    Once registered, miEnergy will work with the Community Lead to coordinate information sessions, allowing all interested neighbours a chance to ask questions and learn how solar can help them save.
  3. Enroll residents
    Interested residents are enrolled in the program using a unique community code. Anyone interested within the community can enroll.
  4. The work begins!
    Once the resident has enrolled, the sales and installation process proceeds as per usual.
  5. Billing
    Final payment is requested at an individual’s project completion.
  6. Community wrap-up
    At expiry of your Community program, miEnergy will total the number of projects contracted during the 30-day period and apply a rebate to each account. A cheque will be issued within 30 days.

Connect with a miEnergy representative to get started!