Kevin Bergeron

President & CEO

Kevin joined miEnergy in April 2012. He’s a big-picture business leader with the drive to leave a better world behind him. His work to expand operations and generate growth is rooted in firm morals, along with his skill for strategic planning and top-level communication.

Kevin’s reputation as an extremely hard worker, who’s confident in his ability to succeed, never fails to make an impact regardless of the task he is focused on. He has a strong background in finance, having graduated from the Edwards School of Business with a triple major in Finance, Business Economics and Marketing. He also completed the Executive MBA program through the Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business in Regina. Aside from that, Kevin also earned his 4th Class Power Engineering Certificate from SIAST in Saskatoon.

Kevin’s experience in the educational and professional realm is something he never relies solely upon – continuing education is very important to him to stay sharp and on the front lines of innovation. Kevin and his wife, Kenzie, have three children.